Since we get so many success stories from our tests we decided to create this testimonials web page.

Shown below are a small selection of testimonials from some of our customers. (The customers in question have authorised us to display their comments).


From Sarah , Dec 07, from Harlow Essex:-

Just to let you know how I'm getting on since my testing. The test was really accurate - there is still 1 thing, which I still can't work out, which I react to. I haven't been able yet to reintroduce any of the foods identified successfully, all my previous health problems return. That said, with them eliminated I've managed to return to work and haven't had a day of illness since - touch wood. Thank you so much for your help. I've read somewhere that it is important to get retested later on to see how your body adapts so i will be back at some stage. Thank you for all your help.
Best wishes, Sarah .


From Pauline , Tested on Sept 06 from North Fambridge, Essex:-
Hello Deborah, 
Since having the test I kept off dairy products and away from caffeine for the first month. After this period I introduced back into my diet small amounts of dairy products and minimal amounts of caffeine, by doing this it appears to have controlled my IBS, to the point that I very rarely get IBS these days. The test has really helped me, thank you.


Fay from Galleywood, Essex in Oct 07:-
Hi Deborah,
Doing really well thanks. things have been great since i came to your fro my allergy testing. i no longer have any of the symptoms i used to suffer with and know exactly what gives me the worst reactions from when i started introducing things back into my diet.
No longer have a the fear of knowing im going to stink everyone out with whatever i eat as now i steer well clear from tomatoes and diary products and no longer have any embarrassing moments. Just feel really good in myself and don't crave the things i used to since taking the magnesium which showed as very low on my vitamin and mineral test.
Have already recommended the allergy testing to friends and family and who are feeling the benefits, sadly none of them leave near Chelmsford or SWF so wasn't able to recommend you directly to them
Thanks for making me feel the best i have since i was a kid. cant believe how easy it was to visit you and have the test rather than the Doctors ideas or simply cutting out bread and seeing how that works!
take care
fay : )


Karen and Tom (son 5 Yrs) from Great Gregories tested Nov 07:-

To Deborah,

You were so friendly and put us at ease, explaining the process clearly at every step. The food allergy test was certainly in depth and Tom's skin has improved no end.

Thank you Deborah for your help.




Jacqui from Gidea Park, Tested Oct 07:-

Hello Debbie,

I wanted to contact you as since I had the food allergy test with you, I have not had one single migraine and you don't know how grateful I am to you for this!!

It was extremely hard at the beginning to go without caffeine, (which was the main one that I had an intolerance with) I used to drink tea all the time and had a lot of Red Bull for work but I have not gone back on them and have not had a migraine since. I am still finding it hard at times but it has certainly been worth it, so thank you very much for your help and I would certainly recommend you to anyone who suffered like I did.

Thank you again.



Natalie from S.W.F Tested Zak aged 2 in April 07:-


Dear Deborah,

Just a quick note to say thankyou for testing Zak .We were really pleased with the results. And have put him on a dairy free diet. Since doing this we have found his eczema has cleared completely. Thankyou for your kindness and patience, and would certainly consider allergy testing again.





Jenny from  S.W.F Tested May 05:-

Before taking the allergy test I was a little sceptical about it because I had heard from others that allergy testing wasn’t beneficial and not accurate.  I took the test because I had a bad relationship to apples; this was noticed in my test which reassured me.  Deborah not just helped with Allergies but also helped me with advice on nutrition that I continue to follow to this day; I would definitely recommend going to see Deborah as it has helped me a lot.


Tracey from Danbury Essex July 08 :-

I cut out all bread pasta mushrooms etc for at least 3/4 weeks and felt really well no thrush, then I have been away for a week and lived on pasta and bread and its back with vengeance! So it does prove to me know that I must cut it out altogether to avoid this suffering. Thanks for your time contacting me.


Gillian from Shenfield in Essex Tested July 08 :-

Deborah helped me to determine what could be causing my extreme tiredness and headaches.  By eliminating the foods i was sensitive too and drinking minimum 2 litres of water daily and taking 2 supplements advised by her, i very quickly felt much, much better.  Have barely had any headaches and my energy levels are back to full strength.   Thanks Deb !

Dawn from Cold Norton. Essex. Tested 18/11/08:-

The whole process was simple and enjoyable. Deborah is so friendly and knowledgeable about diet and how food intolerance can effect the body. Really glad I took the time to discover what works for me.



Jessica from Basildon Essex, tested in Nov 08

Hi Deborah,
     Thank you so much for the test! I made it through the 1 month period without eating anything with yeast or MSG in it, i even made it through christmas! But now that i know yeast is the thing causing my problems i now have clear skin, no more tummy aches or anything like that, thank you again, it has made my health problems disappear!


Aimee from Upminster Essex, Tested 16/02/09 
Dear Deborah
Just a quick email to say how pleased I am with the result of my test.  I came to see you a few weeks ago and you found that potatoes, tomatoes and peppers were a problem for me.  I came to see you on a Monday evening and by Wednesday I was so much better.  It was as if you had flicked a switch and my IBS went away!  I would never have guessed that these foods were causing me a problem.  Thank you so much - I have recommended you to all my friends and my family.
Best wishes


Helen From Colchester. Essex
Test date : 28/10/08
I have found my IBS to be much better since your findings. I am especially intolerant to tomatoes and strawberries.


Hi Deborah,

 Had to tell you how pleased I am that I came to you for allergy testing on 09/06/2009 after suffering with IBS symptoms for nearly two years.

 I quickly contacted you for an appointment after receiving a recommendation from another of your satisfied customers.

 I now have my life back and can go out in the mornings without worrying about embarrassing stomach cramps and wind that resulted in diarrhoea attacks that would strike at any time. Since finding that caffeine was my enemy, I now drink Redbush tea and avoid chocolate, which has not been so difficult as the craving has subsided now that I know what will happen if I weaken. I have never been a coffee drinker.

 I would say that my problem is 90% improved and will now try the fos-a-dophilius tablets that you have recommended to hopefully improve my digestive system to 100%.

 Thank you so much for your patient, understanding manner. I wish I had known about your allergy testing service sooner.

 Kind regards,

 Shirley - Essex - Tested June 09 


Claire from Benfleet, Essex. Tested Oct 2009 
Hi Deborah,
The four weeks were tough but all in all its been really worth it. Ive had no migraines not even a headache, my skin is so much clearer, thanks to the seeds im as regular as clockwork! and i ve managed to lose half a stone. After reintroducing foods have found that dairy n potatoes together give me bloating and pain but generally I can tolerate a little dairy or potato each day but not both. Holiday was a little difficult as we were all inclusive with not a wealth of choice so tried my best and managed ok.
Overall its the best ive felt in ages and im so glad i had the testing done.
Many thanks.


Hi Deborah,

I have had great success following the test.  My trigger foods were tomatoes, onions, caffeine, peanuts, orange and rapeseed oil.

Straight after the test I cut out everything on the list and within a couple of weeks I noticed a huge difference in my skin.

Because I was getting married eight weeks after the test, I decided not to introduce anything back in until after the wedding.

Then it was Christmas, New Year and a few birthdays so although I tried to avoid those foods as much as possible there are certain things I have eaten. I notice that my skin flares up a little after having tomatoes, onions and chocolate but no where near as much as before.

I am planning to now cut them all out again and introduce each item intensively for a week at a time to identify which give me the most problems.  All in all though I am very happy with the results so thank you very much, it’s made a huge difference to me!   

Jo from  Boreham, Essex 
Tested  Oct 09


Hi Deborah,
Can not thank you enough. I spent 14 months trying to find out why i felt so unwell, and trips to my GP and then to a specialist proved to be useless. The final straw was being told to come off Gluten which i did for 5 weeks, I just seemed to get worse.
After researching on line I found your website and decided to arrange an appointment.
Thank goodness i did, as finding out i am lactose intolerant has changed me. I haven't felt so well in such a long time.
Thank you once again and i will keep on recommending you to others with no hesitation
Theodora From Braintree, Essex  Tested Nov 2009


Alan from Hornchurch, Essex  - Tested in April 10:-
Hello Deborah,
My stomach pain has certainly subsided and now that I am off tea and coffee, I intend to keep it that way. I have now bought the Redbush which I rather like. It is difficult to measure the reflux because I am controlling that with drugs anyway but I am sure the abstention has helped.
It really has surprised me because I have had so many tests (some of which were unpleasantly invasive) none of which identified the cause of my pains. A couple of caffeine free weeks and I feel a great deal better.
Many thanks for your help.




Jenny from Witham, Essex Tested April 2010:-
I just thought I would update you on my progress since your advice given at my test. I have followed your advice on my diet and have eliminated onions . I have only had one recurrence of my problem and would like to thank you very much as my life is now much more normal . Thank you for all your advice as the doctors had given up I thought I was stuck with my stomach problems and all the smells that went with it.
Thank you again.


Vicky from Wickford, Essex Tested May 2010:- 

I completely cut tomatoes out for 4 weeks & felt so much better. No more running to the bathroom feeling sick, no more bloated stomach or cramps; I can’t believe the difference! After the 4 weeks I added a few tomato based things back into my diet – lasagne, spaghetti bolognaise etc and ended up having tomato based dinners 3 meals in a row & within half an hour of eating the third meal my stomach started feeling uncomfortable and aching. Nowhere near as bad as before, but a mild form of what was happening regularly before I cut the tomatoes out. Over the last couple of weeks I have limited myself to 2 tomato based meals a week and have felt fine. I would have never have thought it could have been tomatoes that was causing me the problems so thank you so much for making me feel so much better and having more energy every single day!


Alison and Alex - Mother and Son Tested in September 2011 (IBS suffers)
From Chelmsford, Essex
Hello Deborah, Thought I would drop you a line and update you on mine and Alex's progress. Alex is back to his old self again with no stomach pain and is doing well. Tried him on pizza yesterday with no ill effects which is good news. I am also feeling the benefits too and can tolerate tomatoes and onions occasionally but not apple yet. Have substituted lettuce for spinach leaves which are very tasty. So a big thank you for your help. Alison


Lynne & Paige from Southend (mother and daughter) June 2012

Hi Deborah,

You did an allergy test on my daughter back in June.

I just wanted to give you an update on how she is doing. You found she was allergic to orange and since then I have kept her off orange and she has improved so much. within a few days her eczema started to ease and within a few weeks her skin was normal. It has made such a difference to her life, she hasn't used steroid cream since we visited you and her skin has been amazing. You were the only one willing to give her a chance with the test as she wasn't quite 3 years old and I can't thank you enough for helping. I have been using the fish oil and aloe vera as you suggested too.

If anyone mentions allergy testing I recommend you because I am truly grateful for your help,you have made a difference to my daughters health and life. Thank you,


Sam from Canvey Island, Essex (Nov 2012)

Hi Deborah

I just wanted to give you an update as to how I am getting on.The first week I had really bad headaches, I think it was the lack of caffeine, but since then everything has settled down. I still get the occasional headache but can now determine whether they are proper headaches or just dehydration. To be honest I am not drinking as much water as you suggested but am managing 2 ½ pints at day and am slowly increasing it.

I am also finding that even though I am still getting up in the night, I am able to go back to sleep a lot quicker. Giving up chocolate has been really hard, (worse than giving up cigarettes) I even joked to my husband that I might start again so at least I could have something every time I needed chocolate.......I am now able to eat ice cream (woohoo!!) and fish is still a little bit of a problem but nowhere near as bad as it was and my tummy has totally settled down, no more bloating and am even feeling a bit more confident about eating out. I am even going to try a milkshake in Vegas but will stay away from the coffee and chocolate ones though !!

I have sung your praises to my friends so hopefully you may get a couple more bookings

Thank you for giving me my life back !!


Liz from South Woodham Ferrers, Essex Tested in November 2012:-


Hi Deborah,

I saw you a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know that you were spot on with the tomato allergy. I didn't eat them for a week and my rash went completely. I then had a tikka masala totally not thinking and that night it flared up! I will be more careful from now on, tomatoes are in everything! Just thought I'd let you know, always good to get feedback.
Thanks for the diagnosis.

Kerry, tested in Nov 2013

Hi Deborah,
Royston and I came and saw you a month or so ago and your tips were brilliant! Thank you so much.
I now take golden linseed everyday (which is a complete lifesaver) and Royston is now on decaff and no looking back! We both feel so much better for it too.
We have passed on your details to many people that have asked us who we saw and so I hope that you will get an influx of customers in the New Year.
Many thanks



Frances from Hockley, Essex, Tested in Oct 2014:-

Good morning Deborah,
1 week on from your testing, I can confirm you are amazing! No weeing in the night, sleep so much better so much so was up early Sunday as I had slept right through.
I think my skin has improved already, however still flushing but happy so far.
Your right I have got used to red bush already and really don’t find it too bad.
Bowels are a little loose but I think that is the detoxing.
Onwards and upwards.

Well I have completed the 4 weeks cold turkey and can not believe I have not got up once in the night for the loo. I have got so used to the Red Bush and the Caffeine Free coffee don’t think I could go back now. The hardest thing is to remember to have one in my bag as not many cafes etc sell it.

I have decided not to reintroduce any of the caffeine products!

Thanks again.


Hannah from Maldon - Tested in June 2016:-

Hiya, I came for an allergy test around a month ago now, it came back I was allergic to tomatoes and also had a zinc deficiency, I was always complaining I was extremely tired so much so I was nearly falling asleep at my desk at work! I've been taking zinc supplements since you told me and have really felt the difference in myself already! I'm a lot less tired and have so much more energy now, I've also really noticed a difference in my acne which is another massive plus! As far as the tomato allergy goes my stomach is a lot better I'm in a lot less pain and using the toilet a lot less now! You never realise how tomato based your diet is until you completely stop eating them! Just want to say a massive thankyou you are so helpful and I'm so happy I'm a lot less tired now as it was really getting me down as I could be very irritable! Thankyou :) 


Sarah from Witham, Essex Oct 2016:

Hi Debbie,

Well nearly one month into the caffeine free diet...fingers crossed no bad tummy!!!  Have still got to try to introduce tomato into my diet but I'm nervous about it. I've been to costa coffee and had a decaf coffee and was fine. I have recommended you to a friend of mine. Hope she gets in touch with you. I can't thank you enough for getting my life back instead of being married to the toilet!!  Will keep you updated.

Sarah White.

Kim, Nov 2016:

Hi Debroah,
Just wanted to let you know I now feel so much better. Your test was extensive and I was pleased to know I had no other intolerances. 
After my appt I carried on with weaning myself off of coffee over a further two week period and now, virtually caffeine free, (occasional cup of favourite tea) do feel so much better. The headaches were a bit challenging for a few days but I now feel much more invigorated, my blood pressure has settled down and sleeping better too, which is great. 
Thank you so much. I have recommended you to a friend who will be in touch soon.
Very best wishes, Kim 


Louise from Maldon, Essex, Oct 2016

Hi there, wanted to give you an update on my progress.....well the test certainly helped me and gave me a way forward, since the test i didnt touch anything you mentioned, my face recently has been so much better and such an improvement which has made me sooooo happy cant thank you enough, i happened to eat some orange peel by mistake on boxing day and my face was bad the next day so know now i cant reintroduce those foods again sadly, so have to wait for it to clear my system again sadly, so frustrated doing it, but now i know.Thank you for your advice and help im so glad i came to you, forever grateful to you you have given me back my confidence.....


Louise from Colchester

Hi Deborah,

I wanted to get in touch as it's been 4 weeks (I think!) since my appointment with you, and I feel so much better.
I was kind of aware that I reacted badly to caffeine as I mentioned to you, but I had no idea how much of it was in the green tea I was drinking constantly - and also in chocolate. I've completely cut out the tea, and cut back on chocolate - having it maybe once a week max or replacing for white chocolate mostly - and the results have been amazing!
All my anxiety signs have pretty much disappeared, even the anxiety I thought was brought on by my PMS hormones. I actually had zero signs of PMS this month - no hot flushes and no anxiety! Which is a miracle! It used to be a struggle every single month trying to stop myself from having a panic attack at work because of my PMS anxiety, so I can't even explain how glad I am not to have to deal with that!
I've also upped my water intake, and I think this has been a huge factor in improving how I feel too. This has had a positive effect on my bloating too - I no longer feel bloated or in horrible pain as I was before.
So thank you so, so much for all your advice!! It has honestly been life changing!



Tested August 19, Shae from South Woodham Ferrers:-

Hi Deborah, hope you're well. I keep meaning to text you and let you know how I'm getting on.. feeling so much better after cutting out dairy and drinking less caffeine!! Didn't think I would be able to cope without chocolate but I haven't craved it since the linseed is definitely helping too!  Thank you so much for your help x


Paige from Chelmsford, January 2020

Hi Deborah,

Just wanted to send you a quick message to say thank you for all your advice the other week. I've had my linseeds every day, have cut out most of my dairy (although milk is still a work in progress....) and am exercising more. I've noticed a huge difference in the way I'm feeling, and, other than a few hiccups when I've gone out for dinner and had really rich food, I've been in much less pain and have been going to the toilet almost regularly. The biggest change of all is how much less bloated I am. Anyway, thanks for all your help.


Rhett from Chelmsford - Oct 2020

"I visited Deborah in October for a food allergy test. I had suffered an upset stomach for years (IBS) especially more in recent years.
Deborah found that I had no allergies, but I had been drinking many coffees all day,I thought that decaffeinated coffee would be safe, I had read that caffeine could upset stomachs.
Deborah explained that this could cause trouble,as decaffeinated coffee still has caffeine in. I had inadvertently been loading up on caffeine.
I had had two coffees prior to visiting her stopped at that, and since then stuck to two coffees then tea each day.

I am vastly improved, thank you Deborah!
Her knowledge of diets and food is first rate, so for any dietary advice as well as an allergy test go and see Deborah.
She is fun and full of knowledge, and her prices are very reasonable.
So I can thoroughly recommend seeing Deborah. "


From Louise in Rayleigh Oct 2020

Hey ! I just wanted to get in touch and tell you how life changing my appointment was with you. I have taken two tablespoons of linseed every day, and decided I like soya milk with my cereal; oh m
y god! Its been amazing! I have been to the loo every day sometimes even twice but its never loose. I just feel so so amazing and stomach feels nice and flat for first time in so long! Thank you so much!




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